Project Details

The Photoshop file for the final image of this poster has a total of 95 layers of editing!

This was the longest of the BumbleBee composites serie to make and also the most complicated because of all of the elements. Aside from the photo sessions with my son and the BumbleBee figurine, I also took some background shots in the town where I live by the overpass. Luckily there is a small airport nearby, so I also got some photos of the Cessnas and helicopters going by to add to the background. The cutouts took around 3-4 hours to do and then the editing part to arrive to the final image was at least another 15 hours. The early stages of composite creation might not look like much, but the final result after all of those hours of work is an epic image!!

Project Info

Category: Composites

Client: Mattéo (Gift for my son)

Date: April 22, 2021

Location: Canada