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"The noblest art is that of making others happy - P.T. Barnum"

I create memories with my camera of you and the most important people in your life by capturing time to create not only moments, but also magic. It's the kind of magic that gives you goosebumps and fills you up with joy whenever you see the photographs on your walls or hold the album in your hands.

This is my superpower! I want my artwork to take you back to the emotions of that moment, so you can relive them whenever you want.

It’s been a running gag for years with those who know me that I love to take photographs, so much so that at the baby shower for my future niece during a guessing game when they asked the parents-to-be "who will take more pictures of baby, mommy or daddy?" they both answered: Tobi. Ok, ok, you can stop laughing at me now. Our children are the generation that have been the most photographed ever, yet, these memories live in a virtual world collecting digital dust. Since I became a mother, I take hundreds of photographs of my children every month which amounts to thousands of photographs a year (I swear this is true and my husband can vouch for me on this), but it wasn't until I became a photographer that I experienced the value in photography and the power that tangible photographs have.

I vividly remember months after creating my first composites of my oldest son with Transformers BumbleBee that one night as he was sitting on his bed admiring the photographs hanging on his wall he said (in french) "I love the pictures you made for me mommy, can I keep them forever?" Oh my gosh, my heart litteraly burst at that moment. Ever since I started printing my artwork and displaying it around our house I can see first hand the positive effects that it has on my own children.

The random smiles of happiness it brings to their faces seeing themselves and the family they care about.

The boost of confidence and self-esteem it gives them as they feel valued and important in this world.

The stronger bonding it creates with the love that they feel from being included in the family (this is especially important to me being that my boys are foster children we adopted and we want them to know they are forever a part of our family and this also rings true for the many blended families we have in this day and age with children that want to feel accepted).

These are just a few things that seeing or holding a physical photograph can do that a digital photograph will never be able to due to it not being something tangible.

I invite you to experience my superpower for yourself. Feel the joy of bonding with your family to create timeless memories and experience the goosebumps (or even tears of happiness) seeing and holding the most beautiful artwork of those you cherish most. I've got you covered, I take care of freezing these memories with my time capturing camera while you fully immerse in the magic of these priceless moments. I can't wait to see what we'll create together.

With love, Tobi

* Family photos by Josée-Ann Moisan

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